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Hi Mercari team, I apologize for the delay in submitting this project. I had a lot of things going on and some unexpected personal events that prevented me from dedicating more time to the task. I have worked for about 8 hours on this case study and I would like to share some ideas to improve the product detail page.

Limitations and Assumptions

  • I have tried to review the information available on press kits and other publicly available resources.
  • However, my understanding of the cultural context of e-commerce experience in Japan is very limited.
  • Since this is a growth project, it would be ideal to improve it through more experiments.
  • It is important to note that there isn’t a single solution that can be used to improve the purchase ratio for the user in this task.
  • The design is a mix of Japanese and English.

Secondary Research

Heuristic Analysis of Competition & Soft Primary research

I looked into similar p2p marketplace and a couple of Japanese e-commerce apps to understand how they handle product detail pages.

After researching similar products and doing soft research with friends who use p2p marketplaces, I have identified several reasons why users may not purchase from these platforms. I am bucketing these into to two major categories

The Two Hypothesises

which can guide our explorations for experimentation

Platform Trust

In most cases, users are not sure about whether the seller is a legitimate seller. Will they get the exact product? Will they have shipping delays? etc and more…

Selection & More++

The Product range and options to choose from in every category. The price point the user is looking to spend for this particular purchase (Affordability)

I Ended up with this solution

The Other Option with no major structural changes

Figma Prototype

explore the design in detail

This page was put in a very haste manner to meet the final deadline. Please consider these solutions as an exploration not as a finessed final product

Given more time I would have added more information and explorations. But I don’t want to hide behind my lack of time for any shortcomings found in the completion of the task. Looking forward to the feedback from the team