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Redesigning the post-booking experience of SWVL

Responsibilities – Design, Strategy, Research | Duration ~ 2 months

Before we start

What does SWVL do?

SWVL is a pioneering transportation technology company that has successfully transformed the way people navigate cities and commute daily. Established with a vision to revolutionize urban mobility, offering a convenient, reliable, and affordable alternative to traditional public transportation.

The core principle behind SWVL's operations lies in providing a seamless experience for commuters. Through our intuitive mobile app, users can book a ride on demand, reserve seats in advance, and access fixed routes for daily commuting—all while enjoying air-conditioned, Wi-Fi-equipped vehicles. SWVL partners with professional drivers who are committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey for every passenger.

Public Transport
Moving Cities
Mobile App Based
The Problem we were trying to solve

Users have a difficult experience finding relevant information on the booking details screen, after booking a ride

What are the problems with pbx?

The problems in the existing experience were multifold. Which came out after talking to users and looking at the data

Boarding Pass
New users do not know what this is and how to use it – All captains ask for this when the user checks in. Users need to be educated to display/convey the boarding pass number to the captain when they board

Booking State
Users do not notice the current display of the state for upcoming bookings.

How can we effectively communicate to the user about the following
What is the current state?
What will happen next?
What is the next action expected from the user?

The problems with Maps & Stations

Users do not know the stops along the bus route. When the bus stops at a certain station, They need to know the reason for it if they open the tracking page.
If users have to get off along the way, without station visibility it is difficult to plan. And the major problem was with Stations & Station discovery.

  • Users are sometimes confused about the station location since there is no physical station on the ground and often the naming is not exact.
  • Without more contextual information the users are confused about where exactly to stand etc which adds up to anxiety.
  • Need ways to provide confirmation for the user to know they are at the right spot.

Problems with communication & information

Captain and vehicle info

  • When a ride is dispatched without captain or vehicle information, it appears blank to users and is confusing. The banner explaining at the top is not noticed by the users.
  • There is a high contact rate to get information regarding the bus and captain.
  • How can we reduce the bunch of calls received by the captains regarding their position or other requests from customers
Research & initial approach

We looked at data and Talked to our users

Old Experience

The Old user experience which had very less useful information regarding the ride

New Experience

The newly redesigned experience with priority to ride level information and additional things fixed 


Different States of Captain and Vehicle information

Captain is yet to be assaigned

Captain and vehicle assigned

Delay / message broadcast from captain

Vehicle arrived at station

Other Additional States & Screens


We did a bunch of in-person & remote testing ~ 25 users from different cohorts

We validated the following things.


  • Find & walk to the pickup station – 92% completion rate
  • Driver & vehicle information – 96% users were able to identify and respond
  • Boarding pass – 72% spotted it without any onboarding – 88% with onboarding
  • Asked them to reschedule a trip – 70% completion rate – we had split the time & location reschedule which users were not expecting
  • Policies – 90% were able to spot the cancellation & luggage policy

Results and improvements after the redesign of pbx page


Reduction in paid cancellations.


Reduction in churn users after a booking*


Reduction in support tickets & captain calls

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